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Sleeping Positions

Every Body Sleeps Differently

We all have different sleeping positions that we favour. Some of us sleep mainly in one position, changing a few times to other positions during the night. When you can’t get comfortable though, its usually a sign that your mattress doesn’t support the type of sleeper you are.

Front Sleeper

medium soft – firm

Stomach sleepers need support for hips and for keeping the spine aligned. Contouring materials offer pressure relief caused by the turning of faces to one side or the other and even weight distribution.

Back Sleeper

medium – medium firm

Back sleepers usually feel more comfortable with even, consistent support. Lighter individuals often prefer more softness, while heavier individuals might feel most comfortable on firmer surfaces.

Side Sleeper

soft to medium soft

Side sleepers may find many traditional mattresses too firm that might even cause their arms to go numb. A softer mattress will allow arms and shoulders to sink in more and provide more pressure relief.

A Toppio topper can make any mattress instantly more comfortable. Most mattresses change over time, as do we, and we have different sleeping positions. Don’t let an uncomfortable mattress ruin your sleeping comfort.

A Toppio topper will allow you to sleep in your favourite sleeping positions, whether on your side, stomach or back.

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