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Latex Foam

A natural latex topper is made with a specific firmness. Unlike conventional synthetic foam, latex is a very durable product and made of 100% completely natural materials. Latex toppers are produced from natural, sustainable sources and can be classified as being 100% organic, depending on the amount of natural latex used.

The term “latex” is often used interchangeably with the term “natural latex” however, it does not mean organic latex. The two terms can mean two quite different things. Synthetic latex is a fabricated product and manufactured so that it mimics natural latex, even though it contains a certain portion of natural latex. Sometimes, therefore, it can be referred to as “natural latex” even though there are other non-natural additives present. However, only pure, certified organic latex, without any extra ingredients can be called “organic latex.”

There are many benefits of sleeping on an organic latex topper. One of the major advantages is that organic latex is naturally regulates temperature. Sleepers stay warmer during cold temperatures and stay cooler during the warmer months. Memory foams, in contrast are combines with cooling gels to create the cooling effect.

Natural latex and natural organic latex toppers provide a comfort level that greatly improves any mattress system especially when matched to the main sleeping positions and weight of the sleeper. Latex foam toppers reduce the main pressure points by supporting weight and conforming to a person’s body shape. Movements of one person sleeping beside another will be absorbed reducing chances of disturbing the other.

Benefits of a Natural Latex Topper

There are many benefits of sleeping on a natural latex topper, instead of other synthetic types of latex, such as memory foam and egg crate foams. Certified organic latex offers:

Natural latex toppers have many uniquely natural qualities and benefits for our health, our sleep and our environment. Latex can outlast all other man-made, chemically derived foam products.

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